TSQP Framework

The Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework enables you to add more features to your teamspeak server and develop your own plugins.



How to install

  1. Download the latest release from this page.
  2. Create a directory for the framework on your server (eg. 'tsqpf/').
  3. Copy and paste the downloaded framework into the just created directory.
  4. Now create a launch script and run it. You can find some examples on our GitHub page.
  5. If everything went right, the framework should have created the main.properties file, found in the configs folder. Here you need to configure everything to fit your servers settings. When you're done, restart the framework.
  6. If you configured everything correctly, the framework should log into the console that the boot process was finished and all modules were initialized.
  7. Optional: Install official or community made plugins.
Download Plugins